Use Google for much MORE than Searching the Internet

Did you know that Google does much more than indexing the internet ready for your fact finding missions

By simply typing directory into the search query bar you can instantly find out the temperature in Dubai, the time in Sydney, convert inches to cm, define a dodecahedron, solves crosswords with the synonym search etc.

Take a look and see for yourself !


Enter the sum and hey presto! e,g, sqr 5 or sqr 81 or 4 + 7 (23 – 9)


Need a map? Type the town, city or postcode and ‘map’ e.g.  Wellingborough Map


Enter ‘weather’ and the town, city or postcode e.g. weather Kent


As Google usually ignores common words such as and or where, you can force Google to include these words by using a ‘+’ e.g. Star Wars +I


Type ‘time’ and a Town or City e.g. time Chicago


Use ‘define’ in your search – extend the definiton by clicking the ‘define in context’ link e.g. define rhombus

Unit Conversion

Convert height, weight, length, mass or currency etc. e.g. 250GBP to USD

Book Search

Search by Title or Author – e.g. One Who Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest

Synonym Search

Enter a phrase or word with a ‘~’ e.g.  ~healthy eating

Blanks / Wildcard

Use an asterix or ‘*’ in place of unknown words e.g. Alexander Graham Bell invented the *

Use ” “

Quote marks force Google to look for an exact search e.g. “My ferret scratches holes in my carpet”

Use OR

The OR function to find out something or something else (you can also use the vertical bar | for OR) e.g. paris OR marseille


The AND operator forces Google to list searches with all the keywords you have entered e.g. paris AND marseille

Use –

You can force Google to omit certain keywords from their results (remember the – must sit next to the word to be omited, without a space) e.g. horses shetland


you can use a micture of the above to really refine your search e.g. sydney or canberra “package holiday”

Spell Checker

Type in a word and Google will offer you a suggested correct spelling e.g. hypnatherapy

Free to Use- Google Calculator, Dictionary, Unit Conversion, Maps, Book Search, Weather, Queries, Time Around the World… Just type your query into the search bar and hey presto complicated calculations, cm to inches or weather in Sudan appears!!!!

If you are teacher and want to display these in your classroom or ICT sute then you can download POSTERS from our Fresher Schools Website. Google Searches.