Why TWITTER?… should you? do you need to?

The benefits of Twitter and Tweeting has certainly been proven by many business over time and loved by people who want to share their location, feelings and nonsensical status. It’s a proven way of raising your business profile and following your buddies and favourite superstars on a regular basis.

How do you get Followers? Of course, if you have a webpage you can ask people “To follow me on Twitter” but I suppose the easiest way is to follow other people, retweet their posts and reply to comments they make. For me, I really like Twitter as the 140 character limit means I don’t have to spend ages on typing – I can keep it short and ‘t’weet.

Here are my Top Twitter Tips for successful Tweeting

Dont Tweet too often in any one day – people get fed up seeing your icon filling the screen and will probably ‘unfollow‘ you

Retweet great comments, jokes and special offers – be useful… spread the word… make your Tweets interesting enough and get Retweeted!

Find and follow others by clicking on their @name or by searching for them

Use the @name within your posts to create a clickable link to the fellow-tweeter

Businesses share your offers, new product news and competitions

Say hi to your new Followers – they will like to think you care!

Reply quickly to questions – people will have bought elsewhere, moved on and got fed up with waiting… it’s a fast moving e-world

Use the Hash # Tag to anchor conversations, add this symbol before a word, phrase, or abbreviation as it creates a mini-search engine phrase that can be looked up and followed

My frustrations of Twitter

If someone responds to a Tweet, I cant remember what the tweet may have been about… Try a ‘Direct Message’ from your Following List or use # Hash Tag. AND people don’t really like half of a conversation by viewing retweets… It’s a personal preference and with Twitter being used for lots of reasons, you need to find the best way forward for you

Don’t forget

If you love Twitter you can Tweet from the web, your mobile, or by SMS

So there are a few tips – I am sure there’ll be more!

How to use your own background on your Twitter Page

Tile Background Image for Twitter Background

Sample Tile Background Image for Twitter Background

Twitter offers a number of standard backgrounds as an attempt for you to customise and reflect your own personality whilst tweeting. These are great, but for the more adventurous, why not have a go at uploading your own background.

There are a couple of rules to comply with:

Images must be smaller than 800k

Images must be in an image format – GIF, JPG, PNG

Photos, large images are great as long as they meet the required file size

Smaller images can be created to tile – there is an option to tile your image on the settings page

Here’s how to use your own background

Change the background of your Twitter Page

Choose Settings, Design, Upload File, Tile if required

1. Log in to your Twitter account

2. Choose Settings

3. Choose Design

4. Scroll down and choose Change Background Image

5. Click on Browse… and search for your image from your hardrive

6. Check Tile if required for the image to be repeated across and down your screen

7. Choose Save Changes