How to use your own background on your Twitter Page

Tile Background Image for Twitter Background

Sample Tile Background Image for Twitter Background

Twitter offers a number of standard backgrounds as an attempt for you to customise and reflect your own personality whilst tweeting. These are great, but for the more adventurous, why not have a go at uploading your own background.

There are a couple of rules to comply with:

Images must be smaller than 800k

Images must be in an image format – GIF, JPG, PNG

Photos, large images are great as long as they meet the required file size

Smaller images can be created to tile – there is an option to tile your image on the settings page

Here’s how to use your own background

Change the background of your Twitter Page

Choose Settings, Design, Upload File, Tile if required

1. Log in to your Twitter account

2. Choose Settings

3. Choose Design

4. Scroll down and choose Change Background Image

5. Click on Browse… and search for your image from your hardrive

6. Check Tile if required for the image to be repeated across and down your screen

7. Choose Save Changes