Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The reliant Mouse user often shys away from learning new keyboard shortcuts but it is really worth learning the basics as grabbing your mouse everytime you want to move to the next text field in a contact form or pointing at the refresh button to renew your webpage or hunting for the file menu to get your document printed is just time and effort not needed when you are tapping around your keyboard anyway.

Take a look at the followng keyboard shortcuts, print them out if necessary and try and learn a few – time is money, a second earned back now is an hour of leisure time later (OK – I made that one up but hey, do you get my drift?)

CTRL A Select All Select all content in a document or files in a list
CTRL C Copy Select objects or text to copy
CTRL V Paste Paste objects on a page or position cursor to paste text
CTRL X Cut Select objects or text and cut them to paste somewhere else
CTRL S Save Save the working document for many programs
CTRL I Italic Select text first to make Italic
CTRL B Bold Select text first to make Bold
CTRL U Underline Select text first to Underline
CTRL Z Undo Undo the last action
CTRL Y Redo Redo the last Undo action
CTRL P Print Print a document
CTRL O Open Open a document
CTRL F Find Launch the find window to search for words in a document NB F5 in some programs
Double click Select a word In a document select a whole word by double clicking
Triple click Select a sentence In a document triple click anywhere in the sentence to select
CTRL click hyperlink Open in a hyperlink in new Internet Explorer window / tab
Tab Jump to the next cell or form field
ALT TAB Switch between programs
E Open Windows Explorer Window
Windows Key D View the computer’s Desktop
Windows Key F Launches a Find Window
SHIFT insert CD Hold down SHIFT whilst inserting CD to bypass the auto run feature

Help Launch the Help
F2 Rename Rename a file from an Windows Explorer
F5 Reload Reload or refresh a page
CTRL F5 Hard reload Reload or refresh a page / Override Cache
ALT F4 Close the current program
F11 Force Web Browser Fill Screen and hide task bars
F12 Save As
Esc Stop an action
CTRL ALT ESC Launches Task Manager

Download as a pdf Useful Windows Shortcut Keys

[ I know, the time I have spent here on sharing these useful short cuts has just wasted all the time in my whole life using them in the first place! LOL]


Download a few of these as posters from Keyboard Shortcuts