Tiny Impressions of Your Child’s Hands & Feet

Baby hand / foot impression

A careful impression of a baby's hand and foot

Do you have a baby or young child? Do you want to capture the impressions of their tiny hands and feet?

Well, now you can at Tiny Imprints. Look no further for your perfect impressions of your child’s hands and feet

Tiny Imprints, offer highly detailed impressions of your child’s hands and feet, beautifully handcrafted to your specifications and mounted in your choice of a fully lined box frame

A careful impression will be made from your child’s hands or feet in specially prepared clay. From that a plaster cast is made which captures the tiny lines and details in a 3D impression. This then is beautifully presented with name and age taken

3D impressions

The hand and feet imprints will capture a moment in time of the development and growth of your child, a moment that can never be captured again – truely a treasured memory and perfect baby keepsake.

You can have a variety of combinations and even include older children in your framed treasured memory box. Take a look at Tiny Imprints for two  baby’s hands impressions or 2 child’s feet impressions. Or even one hand and one foot!

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