A flipping GREAT School e-Prospectus

An e-Prospectus for your school or college will only impress your prospective parents. The electronic copy of the document is easily accessible online or distributed by CD.

Page Turning Flash Flip Books

e-Prospectus for schools and colleges

A page turning, Flash Flip e-Prospectus

The e-Prospectus shows your school off in super quality and definition and links to a downloadable copy for printing. Showcase your school with full page photos of children at work and play along with the school grounds, facilities and features. The flicking page encourages the visitor to turn to the next page and a simple click zooms in for hight quality text. Thumbnails and a text contents page allow your readers to browse and flick through the e-document with speed and ease.

Full page photos, school colours and school logo

The e-Publications can be branded in your school colours along with the school logo.

Simply send your existing document to e-Brochure.org for immediate transformation or send the documents and photographs and let the team build your page turning, flash flip book.

Parents will be sold on their flipping experience

Stand out from the rest of the schools in your locality and encourage parents to visit your school. Your e-Prospectus will entice them in…. where you can do the rest.

Take a look at Blackwell First School’s e-Prospectus.


e-Brochure.org will host your publication so there is no need to worry about your bandwidth for your existing website or whether you even have a website.

e-Magazines, e-Publications, e-Newsletters

Any electronic document can be converted into these amazing electronic documents, it’s worth creating each document with an even number of pages and using large photos which look great from the zoomed out view.

Take a look at The Daily Telegraph Holiday e-Brochure for the Cayman Islands

Any questions call 0845 539 2552 or visit www.e-brochure.org for more examples

Create affordable page turning e-magazines, e-brochures & e-publications

page turning Flash e-publications

e-Publications made from your electronic documents

Do you need to turn your customers on? Do you need to attract them to your product? Do you need to make a memorable impression? e-Brochure.org offers Flash Fip Books, created from your product or sales pdf. Simply send the pdf as a single page or as multiple pages document and we’ll get to work creating an impressive page turning e-publication – we’ll even host it so you dont have to worry about your website bandwidth allowance or restrictions.

The evidence of how impressive these e-catalogues, e-weddingalbums and e-magazines can be seen here:

e-Mag The Daily Telegraph – Tasmania publication

e-Album Stacey & Wayne’s Wedding Album

Visit e-brochure.org for more e-Publications