Art of the week

Life rocks in Malawi, despite the poverty and hardship for many of the locals. Here’s my favourite piece of art this week. Life maybe a struggle but Malawi people love to party and this is often depicted in Hamban Mhone’s paintings, singing, dancing, music, drumming…. party on!!!

Here is Hamban who often works on the floor at his workshop

Hamban painting

Take a look at Hamban’s work at

A selection of work from Hamban Mhone

A selection of work from Hamban Mhone

Friends of Sick Children in Malawi

Work in the children's department, Blantyre

Work in the children's department, Blantyre

I have recently being creating a website for a charity based in the UK as part of a partnership project with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital in Birmingham and the Queen Elizabeth’s Central Hospital in Blantyre to raise funds for sustainable staffing, development and a well resourced children’s department.

Friends of Sick Children in Malawi (FOSC) raises funds needed to pay the nurses, clinical officers and related staff who each year treat some of the poorest children in the World. The life expectance of the Malawi People is 35 years old. 90,000 children in Malawi are born with AIDS. – To me these are significant facts and I wanted to help.

Therefore… was born. This new website is a gateway to collect funds, share information and publicise the work going on at the Central Hospital in Blantyre.

To find out more, visit the website, donations are welcomed, without the work simply cannot continue.

SO… One day I would like to… visit Malawi and the Children’ s Department at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hosptial, Blantyre.