Viewing two applications simultanously

We all know how to minimise and maximise our Windows applications and use the top bar to move them around the screen to view more than one or easily switch between them.

Split your screen for 2 Windows Application

BUT… did you know if you use your mouse to move the Windows Program / Application to one edge of the screen, the Window will automatically be forced to fill 50% of the screen. Do this with one program to the left of your screen and the other to the right and you can look and edit either screen without the annoying graphics overlaying the other.

Split your screen by dragging your Windows Application to the edges of the screen

Split your screen by dragging your Windows Application to the edges of the screen

The benefits of this is that you can work from one document whilst viewing the other.
Simply double click on the top bar again to expand to full screen.

Use Google for much MORE than Searching the Internet

Did you know that Google does much more than indexing the internet ready for your fact finding missions

By simply typing directory into the search query bar you can instantly find out the temperature in Dubai, the time in Sydney, convert inches to cm, define a dodecahedron, solves crosswords with the synonym search etc.

Take a look and see for yourself !


Enter the sum and hey presto! e,g, sqr 5 or sqr 81 or 4 + 7 (23 – 9)


Need a map? Type the town, city or postcode and ‘map’ e.g.  Wellingborough Map


Enter ‘weather’ and the town, city or postcode e.g. weather Kent


As Google usually ignores common words such as and or where, you can force Google to include these words by using a ‘+’ e.g. Star Wars +I


Type ‘time’ and a Town or City e.g. time Chicago


Use ‘define’ in your search – extend the definiton by clicking the ‘define in context’ link e.g. define rhombus

Unit Conversion

Convert height, weight, length, mass or currency etc. e.g. 250GBP to USD

Book Search

Search by Title or Author – e.g. One Who Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest

Synonym Search

Enter a phrase or word with a ‘~’ e.g.  ~healthy eating

Blanks / Wildcard

Use an asterix or ‘*’ in place of unknown words e.g. Alexander Graham Bell invented the *

Use ” “

Quote marks force Google to look for an exact search e.g. “My ferret scratches holes in my carpet”

Use OR

The OR function to find out something or something else (you can also use the vertical bar | for OR) e.g. paris OR marseille


The AND operator forces Google to list searches with all the keywords you have entered e.g. paris AND marseille

Use –

You can force Google to omit certain keywords from their results (remember the – must sit next to the word to be omited, without a space) e.g. horses shetland


you can use a micture of the above to really refine your search e.g. sydney or canberra “package holiday”

Spell Checker

Type in a word and Google will offer you a suggested correct spelling e.g. hypnatherapy

Free to Use- Google Calculator, Dictionary, Unit Conversion, Maps, Book Search, Weather, Queries, Time Around the World… Just type your query into the search bar and hey presto complicated calculations, cm to inches or weather in Sudan appears!!!!

If you are teacher and want to display these in your classroom or ICT sute then you can download POSTERS from our Fresher Schools Website. Google Searches.

Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The reliant Mouse user often shys away from learning new keyboard shortcuts but it is really worth learning the basics as grabbing your mouse everytime you want to move to the next text field in a contact form or pointing at the refresh button to renew your webpage or hunting for the file menu to get your document printed is just time and effort not needed when you are tapping around your keyboard anyway.

Take a look at the followng keyboard shortcuts, print them out if necessary and try and learn a few – time is money, a second earned back now is an hour of leisure time later (OK – I made that one up but hey, do you get my drift?)

CTRL A Select All Select all content in a document or files in a list
CTRL C Copy Select objects or text to copy
CTRL V Paste Paste objects on a page or position cursor to paste text
CTRL X Cut Select objects or text and cut them to paste somewhere else
CTRL S Save Save the working document for many programs
CTRL I Italic Select text first to make Italic
CTRL B Bold Select text first to make Bold
CTRL U Underline Select text first to Underline
CTRL Z Undo Undo the last action
CTRL Y Redo Redo the last Undo action
CTRL P Print Print a document
CTRL O Open Open a document
CTRL F Find Launch the find window to search for words in a document NB F5 in some programs
Double click Select a word In a document select a whole word by double clicking
Triple click Select a sentence In a document triple click anywhere in the sentence to select
CTRL click hyperlink Open in a hyperlink in new Internet Explorer window / tab
Tab Jump to the next cell or form field
ALT TAB Switch between programs
E Open Windows Explorer Window
Windows Key D View the computer’s Desktop
Windows Key F Launches a Find Window
SHIFT insert CD Hold down SHIFT whilst inserting CD to bypass the auto run feature

Help Launch the Help
F2 Rename Rename a file from an Windows Explorer
F5 Reload Reload or refresh a page
CTRL F5 Hard reload Reload or refresh a page / Override Cache
ALT F4 Close the current program
F11 Force Web Browser Fill Screen and hide task bars
F12 Save As
Esc Stop an action
CTRL ALT ESC Launches Task Manager

Download as a pdf Useful Windows Shortcut Keys

[ I know, the time I have spent here on sharing these useful short cuts has just wasted all the time in my whole life using them in the first place! LOL]


Download a few of these as posters from Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Remove Related Video Clips at the End of YouTube Player

You may want to remove the video clips scrolling at the end of your YouTube Video Player for various reasons, but probably the most common is – you want people to stay on your website or you don’t like the idea of having unknown content linked to from your website. By editing the ’embed code’ in 2 places, you can simply remove the related clips and offer to Replay instead.

The code you need to add will be – ;&rel=0

You will need to add the code at the end of the 1. movie parameter 2. embed src and 3. save

<object width=”425″ height=”344″&gt;<br> &lt;param name=”movie” value=”;amp;hl=en_GB&amp;amp;fs=1&amp;&rel=0;” /&gt;<br> &lt;param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true” /&gt;<br> &lt;param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always” /&gt;&lt;embed src=”;amp;hl=en_GB&amp;amp;fs=1&amp;&rel=0;” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” height=”344″ width=”425″&gt;&lt;/object>

This will now stop the related video clips being added to your video

How to embed YouTube Videos on your Web Page

This is a fairly simple process:

The quick answer is:

  1. Upload your Video to YouTube, copy the ’embed code’.
  2. Go to your web page, activate the editing, choose the html code editor, find the place on the page where you want your video and paste the YouTube embed code.

The more detailed guide is:

  1. Upload your Video to YouTube, copy the ’embed code’
  2. Go to your web page.
  3. Activate the editing of the Page / Add New Post  / News Item etc (depending on the content management system you are using)
  4. Prepare your content, add text and titles where necessary.
  5. Find where you want to embed your code (for people who don’t want to understand HTML then type “VIDEO HERE” – this will add as a visual marker within the code of your webpage for you to look for).
  6. Activate the HTML editor – In most WYSIWYG editors you need to find the ‘HTML’ button which looks like this  <> and in WordPress you have the option of [Visual] or [HTML] Tabs.
  7. Locate where you have written “VIDEO HERE” – you dont want this text to appear so highlight and paste over the YouTube ’embed’ code.
  8. Return to the WYSIWYG editor, by closing the HTML window or choosing Visual View
  9. Save your Page
  10. If you have just created your YouTube Video before inserting it in your web page and it does not appear straight away, then dont worry as it possibly still rendering – after a few minutes there shouldnt be a problem viewing your video immediately on loading the page.

Help Images

WYSIWYG Web Page Editor

WYSIWYG Web Page Editor

Edit HTML Source Code

Edit HTML Source Code