School Wall Virtual Learning Environment

school wall activity view

school wall activity view

Simplicity is the key for this amazing online learning tool for use in the classroom and in schools everywhere. The intuitive design makes learning how to create activities a piece of cake!

Learning portal for schools

School Wall has been developed to ensure the ease of use and effective sharing of electronic resources in activity based class lessons and even extending to the home.

Quickly and easily enroll students and teachers onto your school wall, create a student group and assign them to an activity. Mix and match students from different groups!

The quick link toolbar embeds and inserts electronic resources for you, so there are no worries about coding or even inserting links and YouTube code into the html view of a page into your activities. Easily add web links, upload documents and files, music, sounds, videos and even record you own voice or class singing with your computer or laptop microphone!

Add electronic learning resources

The simple but effective Activity Wizard allows you to set who can see activities within your school, set very specific access and visibility settings, whether comments require approval, whether group members can see other groups members and of course you can mark and reward Students with stars for the effort and contribution

The nice touch to School Wall is that all users have their own personal wall where they can write and blog about their school life and share resources.

Rewards & Awards for online learning

All this is topped off with a site usage reward system, where students and teachers time on the site and their contribution earns them points, and at specific thresholds, points are turned into shields. Students earn points for logging on, encouraging them to check their School Wall regularly and add personal Wall comments.

With Super Teachers being able to set site wide permissions for limiting and extending usability, School Wall can easily be tailor made to your school’s needs

The online hosted service is fully backed up with support and free upgrades throughout the term of your contract

School Wall has been designed to ensure even the most cautious users can contribute and get online

For your demo or a meeting, please call 0845 539 2552


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