Gas Leak Detection Wireless Safety System

Carbon Dioside Detector

Carbon Dioside Detector

Magne-Flo Wireless Gas Detection and Shut Off System has been developed to detect harmful levels of Carbon Monoxide, Natural or Liquid Gases in the home and provide both Visual and Audible Alarms and Shut Off the gas supply to prevent further gas build up.

The Silent Killer – Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide and other natural gases can build up on your home and cause death! You and your family  do not need to be the next statistic of being suffocated by the odourless, colourless gases.

Home Gas Detector

The systems are flexible, simple to install and offer the Home-owner the highest level of protection against Carbon Monoxide poisoning or the build up of combustible gases.

System Overview – Wireless

Gas Detector

Gas Detector Control Panel

The Wireless Carbon Monoxide and Combustible Gas Detection and Shut Off system comprises of a Wireless Control Panel which can be linked with up to 3 Detectors – Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas or LPG –  and in the event of harmful gas levels being detected this Control Panel provides power to a Gas Meter Control Lever Actuator to close the Gas Supply.

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