School Bean Bags

School Bean Bags in Faux Leather

Faux Leather Bean Bags offer extra durability and cleanability

Bean Bags for schools are a great solution for school book corners soft furnishing, libraries kids book areas, shaded outdoor areas and lunchtime soft areas. The faux leather bean bags and bean cushions from Magic Bean Bags are the perfect solution.

Bean Bags Cushions for Schools

The floor cushions are available in a many colours to match the school colours or colour code per class. The slabs are great to share, the saddle chairs are great for special reading times and the kids’ chairs are perfect for reception and nursery comfy discussion zones.

Slab cushions for classrooms and plagrounds

Oxford Scatters and Slabs in Faux Leather offers excellent colour choice and durability

Why Faux Leather?

The faux leather is the perfect solution as it is super resistant and very easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild anti bacterial cleaner and very stain resistant. The faux leatehr bean bags and bean cushions can be used outside so perfect for classroom use on a daily basis and thrown out onto the yard for special assignments.

Comfy Daily Guided Reading

With guided reading an essential daily task, the floor cushions, oxford scatters and slabs are perfect raising the profile of sessions. Children are seated comfortably and ready to concentrate and join in. recommends faux leather for every school, classroom, library and college common room.

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