Gas Leak Detection Wireless Safety System

Carbon Dioside Detector

Carbon Dioside Detector

Magne-Flo Wireless Gas Detection and Shut Off System has been developed to detect harmful levels of Carbon Monoxide, Natural or Liquid Gases in the home and provide both Visual and Audible Alarms and Shut Off the gas supply to prevent further gas build up.

The Silent Killer – Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide and other natural gases can build up on your home and cause death! You and your family  do not need to be the next statistic of being suffocated by the odourless, colourless gases.

Home Gas Detector

The systems are flexible, simple to install and offer the Home-owner the highest level of protection against Carbon Monoxide poisoning or the build up of combustible gases.

System Overview – Wireless

Gas Detector

Gas Detector Control Panel

The Wireless Carbon Monoxide and Combustible Gas Detection and Shut Off system comprises of a Wireless Control Panel which can be linked with up to 3 Detectors – Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas or LPG –  and in the event of harmful gas levels being detected this Control Panel provides power to a Gas Meter Control Lever Actuator to close the Gas Supply.

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Tiny Impressions of Your Child’s Hands & Feet

Baby hand / foot impression

A careful impression of a baby's hand and foot

Do you have a baby or young child? Do you want to capture the impressions of their tiny hands and feet?

Well, now you can at Tiny Imprints. Look no further for your perfect impressions of your child’s hands and feet

Tiny Imprints, offer highly detailed impressions of your child’s hands and feet, beautifully handcrafted to your specifications and mounted in your choice of a fully lined box frame

A careful impression will be made from your child’s hands or feet in specially prepared clay. From that a plaster cast is made which captures the tiny lines and details in a 3D impression. This then is beautifully presented with name and age taken

3D impressions

The hand and feet imprints will capture a moment in time of the development and growth of your child, a moment that can never be captured again – truely a treasured memory and perfect baby keepsake.

You can have a variety of combinations and even include older children in your framed treasured memory box. Take a look at Tiny Imprints for two  baby’s hands impressions or 2 child’s feet impressions. Or even one hand and one foot!


Why TWITTER?… should you? do you need to?

The benefits of Twitter and Tweeting has certainly been proven by many business over time and loved by people who want to share their location, feelings and nonsensical status. It’s a proven way of raising your business profile and following your buddies and favourite superstars on a regular basis.

How do you get Followers? Of course, if you have a webpage you can ask people “To follow me on Twitter” but I suppose the easiest way is to follow other people, retweet their posts and reply to comments they make. For me, I really like Twitter as the 140 character limit means I don’t have to spend ages on typing – I can keep it short and ‘t’weet.

Here are my Top Twitter Tips for successful Tweeting

Dont Tweet too often in any one day – people get fed up seeing your icon filling the screen and will probably ‘unfollow‘ you

Retweet great comments, jokes and special offers – be useful… spread the word… make your Tweets interesting enough and get Retweeted!

Find and follow others by clicking on their @name or by searching for them

Use the @name within your posts to create a clickable link to the fellow-tweeter

Businesses share your offers, new product news and competitions

Say hi to your new Followers – they will like to think you care!

Reply quickly to questions – people will have bought elsewhere, moved on and got fed up with waiting… it’s a fast moving e-world

Use the Hash # Tag to anchor conversations, add this symbol before a word, phrase, or abbreviation as it creates a mini-search engine phrase that can be looked up and followed

My frustrations of Twitter

If someone responds to a Tweet, I cant remember what the tweet may have been about… Try a ‘Direct Message’ from your Following List or use # Hash Tag. AND people don’t really like half of a conversation by viewing retweets… It’s a personal preference and with Twitter being used for lots of reasons, you need to find the best way forward for you

Don’t forget

If you love Twitter you can Tweet from the web, your mobile, or by SMS

So there are a few tips – I am sure there’ll be more!

School Bean Bags

School Bean Bags in Faux Leather

Faux Leather Bean Bags offer extra durability and cleanability

Bean Bags for schools are a great solution for school book corners soft furnishing, libraries kids book areas, shaded outdoor areas and lunchtime soft areas. The faux leather bean bags and bean cushions from Magic Bean Bags are the perfect solution.

Bean Bags Cushions for Schools

The floor cushions are available in a many colours to match the school colours or colour code per class. The slabs are great to share, the saddle chairs are great for special reading times and the kids’ chairs are perfect for reception and nursery comfy discussion zones.

Slab cushions for classrooms and plagrounds

Oxford Scatters and Slabs in Faux Leather offers excellent colour choice and durability

Why Faux Leather?

The faux leather is the perfect solution as it is super resistant and very easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild anti bacterial cleaner and very stain resistant. The faux leatehr bean bags and bean cushions can be used outside so perfect for classroom use on a daily basis and thrown out onto the yard for special assignments.

Comfy Daily Guided Reading

With guided reading an essential daily task, the floor cushions, oxford scatters and slabs are perfect raising the profile of sessions. Children are seated comfortably and ready to concentrate and join in. recommends faux leather for every school, classroom, library and college common room.

A flipping GREAT School e-Prospectus

An e-Prospectus for your school or college will only impress your prospective parents. The electronic copy of the document is easily accessible online or distributed by CD.

Page Turning Flash Flip Books

e-Prospectus for schools and colleges

A page turning, Flash Flip e-Prospectus

The e-Prospectus shows your school off in super quality and definition and links to a downloadable copy for printing. Showcase your school with full page photos of children at work and play along with the school grounds, facilities and features. The flicking page encourages the visitor to turn to the next page and a simple click zooms in for hight quality text. Thumbnails and a text contents page allow your readers to browse and flick through the e-document with speed and ease.

Full page photos, school colours and school logo

The e-Publications can be branded in your school colours along with the school logo.

Simply send your existing document to for immediate transformation or send the documents and photographs and let the team build your page turning, flash flip book.

Parents will be sold on their flipping experience

Stand out from the rest of the schools in your locality and encourage parents to visit your school. Your e-Prospectus will entice them in…. where you can do the rest.

Take a look at Blackwell First School’s e-Prospectus.

Hosting will host your publication so there is no need to worry about your bandwidth for your existing website or whether you even have a website.

e-Magazines, e-Publications, e-Newsletters

Any electronic document can be converted into these amazing electronic documents, it’s worth creating each document with an even number of pages and using large photos which look great from the zoomed out view.

Take a look at The Daily Telegraph Holiday e-Brochure for the Cayman Islands

Any questions call 0845 539 2552 or visit for more examples

How to use your own background on your Twitter Page

Tile Background Image for Twitter Background

Sample Tile Background Image for Twitter Background

Twitter offers a number of standard backgrounds as an attempt for you to customise and reflect your own personality whilst tweeting. These are great, but for the more adventurous, why not have a go at uploading your own background.

There are a couple of rules to comply with:

Images must be smaller than 800k

Images must be in an image format – GIF, JPG, PNG

Photos, large images are great as long as they meet the required file size

Smaller images can be created to tile – there is an option to tile your image on the settings page

Here’s how to use your own background

Change the background of your Twitter Page

Choose Settings, Design, Upload File, Tile if required

1. Log in to your Twitter account

2. Choose Settings

3. Choose Design

4. Scroll down and choose Change Background Image

5. Click on Browse… and search for your image from your hardrive

6. Check Tile if required for the image to be repeated across and down your screen

7. Choose Save Changes