Date Window

Date Window for Interactive Whiteboards

Always have the date displayed whatever application you are using

Are you fed up with searching for the date on your computer or are you a teacher who wishes the date would automatically appear on the Interactive Whiteboard, then Date Window is your solution.

Great for Interactive Whiteboards

Date Window will display the date in your chosen colour and system font, is moveable around the screen, hideable and will always be on view for you.

Choose the:

  • font
  • font colour
  • background colour
  • font size
  • date format
Date window

Date Window keeps the date 'on top' of any application or program

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Tiny Font Viewer

Tiny Font Viewer

Tiny Font Viewer Screenshot

What font should I use?

Now you can view all your system fonts. Increase the size, change the colour and background to choose the right font for your next project.

I can never remember the name of the font I want!

  • View all your Windows system fonts
  • Increase and decrease the font size to make them larger and smaller
  • Double click on as many fonts to open and view in a  new window to compare with other fonts
  • Change the font colour and background colour to try out your desired font
  • Use short cut keys to quickly navigate around Tiny Font Viewer

Find more out more about this nifty FREE tool Systems Font Viewer

Tiny Site Watcher

Tiny Site WatcherKeep track of the websites that are important to you, get notified that your website/s are down with Tiny Site Watcher.

Tiny Site Watcher

Tiny Site Watcher Screenshot

The FREE version:

  • Monitors a single website
  • Check by issuing a TCP/IP PING
  • Alert by playing a user specified sound file (mp3 / wav)
The Standard Version has loads more features including:
  • Monitor up to 5 different sites or servers
  • Configure automated regular checks and alerts
  • Pause / resume all checking with a single click
  • Open individual history windows for each site / server being monitored
  • Check any site on demand
  • View overall status of all sites at a glance

Double Click and Triple Click

In many digital documents, you can use the double click or triple click to select words and paragraphs.

A double click will select a whole word
A triple click will select a whole paragraph

To select a whole sentence click in the sentence & then CTRL click

Easy peasy and useful too!

Reciprocal Reading Group Cards for Guided Reading

After teaching reading for many years and trying to teach children good skills to analyse and understand the text, I was delighted to find the specific strategies of Reciprocal Teaching. Obviously, most of us use many of these strategies but I really like the explicit nature of the named prompts.

Reciprocal Reading Prompt Cards

I’ve developed these prompts cards and have added a variety of cues to each reading prompt card so after a few lessons the children become more competent and familiary with each role, the children can actually work independently on a piece of text.

Each card can be laminated and used as a book mark or to section the page if one paragraph is being used at a time.

Reciprocal Prompt Cards include:

Reciprocal Reading Prompt Cards

Reciprocal Reading Prompt Cards

The Boss
The Predictor
The Questioner
The Clarifier
The Summariser

The Boss. Decides who will do each job, introduces the text and makes sure everyone is joining in.

The Predictor. Makes logical predictions. Uses information in the text & personal experiences to predict where the text is going.

The Questioner. Thinks what do you know, need to know or would like to know. Who, what, where, why, then, how, what if, will…?

The Clarifier. Identifies confusing words, sentences and ideas. How can these be solved?

The Summariser. Identifies the most important ideas in the text. The problem was… The resolution was…

The cards are suitable for display too!

Download here