Friends of Sick Children in Malawi

Work in the children's department, Blantyre

Work in the children's department, Blantyre

I have recently being creating a website for a charity based in the UK as part of a partnership project with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital in Birmingham and the Queen Elizabeth’s Central Hospital in Blantyre to raise funds for sustainable staffing, development and a well resourced children’s department.

Friends of Sick Children in Malawi (FOSC) raises funds needed to pay the nurses, clinical officers and related staff who each year treat some of the poorest children in the World. The life expectance of the Malawi People is 35 years old. 90,000 children in Malawi are born with AIDS. – To me these are significant facts and I wanted to help.

Therefore… was born. This new website is a gateway to collect funds, share information and publicise the work going on at the Central Hospital in Blantyre.

To find out more, visit the website, donations are welcomed, without the work simply cannot continue.

SO… One day I would like to… visit Malawi and the Children’ s Department at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hosptial, Blantyre.

Kitchen Roller Blinds

Getting fed up with tired window coverings? then checkout the roller blinds from There is a great sale on at the moment, loads of choice and excellent quality Louvolite Blind available. Look out for the child safety option on the cords too!

How to add Google Translate to your website

This is really easy and can be added anywhere in your webpage using the HTML code editor.

The code can be generated from

or if your web page is in English and you wish to offer all lanuages available then copy this code

<div id=”google_translate_element”></div><script>
function googleTranslateElementInit() {
new google.translate.TranslateElement({
pageLanguage: ‘en’
}, ‘google_translate_element’);
</script><script src=””></script&gt;

It is worth checking back to Google for updates and added features

Here’s how step-by-step

  1. Copy the code above (in red) or visit the Google page and generate your code – and copy
  2. Find a place on your webpage
  3. Click to the Html Source View / Editor (usually by the <> button)
  4. Paste the code
  5. Return to Normal View or Visual
  6. The embeded code should be visible and ready to translate the page

NB: Some HTtML Source code may require a <p> at the beginning of the code and a </p> at the end

Snowloadies on line

Meet Doris Snowlady and Her Friends

Well, as the snow has fallen again, I thought I would share this website with you! It is hilarous, beautifully crafted snow ladies adorn the internet. Set your heart a-racing with the female snowlady form!

Meet Doris (right) and her friends skiing, drinking a latte, and snow bathing…

Date Window

Date Window for Interactive Whiteboards

Always have the date displayed whatever application you are using

Are you fed up with searching for the date on your computer or are you a teacher who wishes the date would automatically appear on the Interactive Whiteboard, then Date Window is your solution.

Great for Interactive Whiteboards

Date Window will display the date in your chosen colour and system font, is moveable around the screen, hideable and will always be on view for you.

Choose the:

  • font
  • font colour
  • background colour
  • font size
  • date format
Date window

Date Window keeps the date 'on top' of any application or program

Visit Date Window at Fresher Schools

Tiny Font Viewer

Tiny Font Viewer

Tiny Font Viewer Screenshot

What font should I use?

Now you can view all your system fonts. Increase the size, change the colour and background to choose the right font for your next project.

I can never remember the name of the font I want!

  • View all your Windows system fonts
  • Increase and decrease the font size to make them larger and smaller
  • Double click on as many fonts to open and view in a  new window to compare with other fonts
  • Change the font colour and background colour to try out your desired font
  • Use short cut keys to quickly navigate around Tiny Font Viewer

Find more out more about this nifty FREE tool Systems Font Viewer

Tiny Site Watcher

Tiny Site WatcherKeep track of the websites that are important to you, get notified that your website/s are down with Tiny Site Watcher.

Tiny Site Watcher

Tiny Site Watcher Screenshot

The FREE version:

  • Monitors a single website
  • Check by issuing a TCP/IP PING
  • Alert by playing a user specified sound file (mp3 / wav)
The Standard Version has loads more features including:
  • Monitor up to 5 different sites or servers
  • Configure automated regular checks and alerts
  • Pause / resume all checking with a single click
  • Open individual history windows for each site / server being monitored
  • Check any site on demand
  • View overall status of all sites at a glance